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About Transuber

TransUber is an awesome solution for taxi cab booking system, built on PHP with Laravel Framework. Its customer-friendly website & mobile apps built for fast, efficient, effective, responsive way to access all the cab facilities on your fingertips. It has all the details, information of the cab, the cab driver and the owner of the cab so the customers feel secure in their travel and they can track the vehicle and driver easily with the help of the software. The customers have their own way of access to the website as a responsive website which is readily and easily available and supported on every device. One of the uniqueness of this type of service is that the customers can pay online instead of paying for travel. The Business can track the vehicle payment details and they will get updated every time once the trip gets over. Business Owner System for people with multiple cars and driver can list all under their dedicated panel and manage. Chat between user and driver is also included along with PayPal wallet.

Why Transuber is best
for you

Easy to use with simplified admin and easy to use apps for both driver and passenger with interactive UI.

Fast & Efficient

Apps are easy to use and very fast with live tracking of driver, destination defined and pricing before the cab is booked.

Ease of Payment and History

Wallet system for the payments along with brief trip history for passenger and driver which were done in the past.

In App Chat & Rentals

Chat between passenger and driver on trip booking/acceptance, option for hourly booking and airport booking as well. .

Best Taxi Booking App
in the market

Most feature rich taxi booking system for anyone to get started with multi featured solution with point to point, rentals and a lot more.


Packed with modern features Transuber is the first choice for the people looking forward to get started with Best On Demand Taxi Business.

Interactive UI/

Simple and easy to use for all the ages with complete detail

Modern Look/

Designed considering the market scenario of data integration

Advanced Booking/

Point to Point, Airport Booking, Hourly Booking and all works in sync


Corporate System for registering multiple drivers under one owner

/In App Chat

Chat option at the beginning of trip to enable better sync

/Fast Payments

Other than cash and cards we put up wallet for ease of payment

Check the wonderful and advanced admin panel to get an idea of the capability and the scope of functionality of Transuber and its even customisable for further capabilities .


Peek into our App Screens to have an idea of how it feels and you can definetly test our apps.

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Hours Coded

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Test Our Apps Now

Both the apps for the passenger and driver are available here now. Feel Free to Test.

Available on

Android and IOS Store is pending approval as it takes some time with ios.

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