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Gojek Clone SonaJek-Superb-GoJek-Clone-Solution

Gojek Clone Sonajek – Superb Go-Jek Clone Solution 2021

GoJek Clone SonaJek

Well, here’s your chance to own the clone of the World’s biggest multi-service app and start making money from Start! The Gojek clone app features Taxi Rides, Food delivery, Grocery Delivery, Delivery Runner Services, Delivery Anything from Anywhere, Taxi Hailing, Wine Delivery, Bottled Water Delivery.

A host of over 62 other services including On Demand Sanitization, Beautician On-Demand Service, On-Demand Tow Truck Service, Doctor On Demand Service, Home Cleaning On-Demand Service etc. all packed into one.

In this Multi services on-demand App, you can add as many services starting from Taxi on Demand to the Home Cleaning services, Car Wash Services etc., to this and make whopping commissions through each ride/delivery or other services that are booked from the Gojek Clone App.

Not just that, you also get options like Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery etc on any other Merchant Delivery app along with the freedom to manage and control the categories as well as subcategories as per your convenience from the admin panel.

We present to you an all in one GoJek Clone script with over 62+ services included in it apart from the usual Taxi, Rental and Delivery options. Services such as Massage, Beautician, Dog walking, Car Wash guides and many more can be added as per your preference.

This is the chance that every new entrepreneur is looking for. A single app that caters to all the needs will ensure a maximum number of bookings and thereby bring to you maximum returns and that too right from the first day! We are dedicated to helping you succeed and therefore here’s everything that we offer:

•   User iOS App
•   User Android App
•   User Web Panel
•   Driver/Service Provider iOS App
•   Driver/Service Provider Android App
•   Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
•   Store iOS App
•   Store Android App
•   Store Web Panel
•   User Kiosk iOS App
•   User Kiosk Android App
•   Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
•   Main Website
•   User Web based Panel for Taxi Booking, Moto Booking, Fly Booking, Parcel Delivery Booking, Food/Grocery/Supermarket/etc Delivery Booking, Car Wash, etc other On-Demand Services Bookings from Website
•   Service Provider Company Web Panel
•   Organization Web Panel (This is for Corporate Profile - Taxi Booking)
•   Billing / Accounts Panel
•   Dispatcher Panel (Manual Booking)
•   Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Users, Provider, Stores, Services, Reports, Settings, and lot more.

Over the Edge Features:

VOIP Call Number Masking
Real-Time Tracking
Delivery confirmation by code or signature
Ride Pool
Toll or other charges system
DB Backup System
Multi-Country & City with Variable Pricing.

This will keep you making money in any situation as there are so many services in it that one or another will always keep running like for example during lockdown phase 4 services were in demand – Food, Grocery, Medicines and Doctor whereas Taxi and else were not performing at all.

So, it’s not just a solution but it backs itself to keep you running and relax when others are struggling.

GoJek Clone SonaJek Insights

GoJek Clone SonaJek has all the on-demand services you can possibly think of! This is your chance to secure your own place in the industry with all aspects covered on-demand service based app that will enable your customers to access an array of different kinds of services, just within the scope of a single app! Gojek Solution not only is the most competitive solution for customers to get an easy way to get services delivered at home but also serves as a dependable growth opportunity for service providers to earn independently.

Whether it is booking a cab, parcel delivery, satisfying your hunger or groceries online or hiring a handyman, this app is the most dependable, most precise solution in the market. To get more insight regarding the solution and its workflow, just take the live demo! It won’t cost you anything to check out GoJek Clone App!

In this on-demand Multi services App Like Gojek, you can add unlimited services beginning from Taxi on Demand to AC Repair services, Car Wash Services etc., to this and make a decent income through each trip/delivery or other services that are being done from the Gojek Clone Sonajek App. Not just that, you also get options like Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery etc on any other Merchant Delivery app along with the liberty to manage and control the main categories as well as subcategories as per your convenience from the admin panel.

Most of the development companies and their developed products claim a lot of things but when it comes to demo and delivery they become too strict and need all your details, not with us, we are sure of our solution that’s why we offer an open demo. Gojek Clone app is a powerhouse with a lot in its core, it sounds very complex, but we worked very hard to make it simple to use and generate service options and revenue without a sweat.

Covid19 has been harsh on all and has made us all understand that one service solution won’t help to keep up with the stream and aspirations of people, with gojek clone sonajek solution this won’t affect adversely and will keep you robust. The opportunity that it offers enables people to increase the scope of service which in turn will expand the income opportunities and offer customers to get all services under one roof and get them faster and more efficiently. It’s like a boon to the App Solutions Terminology itself.

We know we have repeated the terms of multi-service and unlimited services and convenience multiple times, but believe us it’s more than you actually need and we put it all in the right order and place to ensure that you don’t have to worry ever.

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