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EdTech Online Learning

Future of EdTech Online Learning

After years of underappreciation, EdTech has finally attracted the interest of the IT giants and startups alike. The future education technology is a trillion-dollar industry with a potential to create a lifelong fan base among students and teachers. If you are wondering what are the latest technology used in education. Today we’ll talk about why the business model behind the platforms, like Udemy and Coursera, is so successful.

The most successful projects exercise common functions of educational technology. They

  • cater to an international target market with a wide range of income
  • support individual and corporate-level clients
  • offer free and premium educational products
  • provide an income generation toolkit for premium course authors

At SimTechnos, we have years of experience in harnessing innovation in education technology and building successful EdTech projects from the ground up. Each project is unique, and educational app development companies know, that some startups go through bankruptcy before emerging on top. Learn more about the development story or failure that turned into success due to SimTechnos’s expertise and professionalism.

MOOCs are ready to take on traditional education with courses, specialities and college degrees available online at a fraction of the cost. Millions of users frequent Coursera and Udemy because these projects offer value through:

  • Innovative educational technology that provides high-quality, affordable learning possibilities; 
  • Competition-based pricing policy for courses with free educational options available; 
  • A variety of educational materials in different languages to facilitate learning from leading experts any time, any place; 
  • Course-creation toolkit to develop free and premium courses, promote passive income generation means for users, and increase the amount of quality content; 
  • Feedback and rating system to evaluate the classes and instructors and support the best learning materials.

This is just a fraction of the full list of the benefits Coursera and Udemy offer to their users. There are many more reasons for the platforms’ popularity. However, it’s enough to evaluate the business potential MOOC platforms offer for EdTech startups.


With their benefits in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Coursera and Udemy attract customers and keep their loyalty through streamlined custom e-learning design and multiple user-friendly features:

  • The list of the most popular courses on the homepage. High ratings and thousands of reviews promote new users to take a peak and enroll.
  • Quick and easy user sign up via email, Google or Facebook accounts. Making the registration process painless ensures the higher number of new learners.
  • Easy-to-use catalog and filters. User-friendly search tools allow online learners to locate courses they might be interested in quickly.
  • Free and premium courses filters. Building trust through high-quality free materials makes upselling easier. 
  • Courses and specialties creation toolkit. Experts can develop new courses without help and generate passive income. 
  • Various content, assignment, and certification options. Users can watch, listen, or read the course materials and pass tests and quizzes to check retained knowledge.
  • Course sharing link generation for social media. Users get to share their progress and success while attracting new learners to the platform. 
  • Personal courses library. Streamlined dashboard navigation ensures that users can always go back to any of the courses to review the material.
  • Feedback and rating system. Reviews allow learners to share their experience and promote high-quality courses and weed out useless materials. 
  • Flexible personal account settings. Users can alter their language, notification settings, and payment options.
  • Various payment systems integration. Secure credit card or PayPal payments are available. 
  • Multilingual courses. The most popular classes are translated into many languages, including German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. 
  • Corporate employees education options. Businesses create corporate accounts for their employees to deepen expertise and gain new knowledge. 
  • Cross-device adaptability. Web applications are compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and mobile apps are best suited for smartphones. 
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS. Applications share the features of the web app and promote learning anyplace, even offline. 
  • Blog. MOOC platforms share their latest news and insight with prospective users, introducing new courses and successful graduates.


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