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GoJek Like App Power of All in 1

GoJek Like App Ultra Power of All in 1

With GoJeWith GoJek Like App so easy to get, nothing to worry. Why fill your cell phone with apps when you can get more than 70 services in a single application. Surprised? Indeed, Gojek App Clone has been one amazing app offering a many services to clients across the globe.

The On-Demand Apps patterns continue changing and developing. With that, it came the inclination to foster GoJek Like App. This is a Multi-Service Super App that provides clients with 70+ on-demand services:
Uber like Taxi Booking Services
On-Demand Delivery Services
Other Services

GoJek Like App Primarily Categorised Into 3 Sections

Actually like Uber, this taxi booking section has similar functionalities offering taxi ride administrations in a hurry. Uber Like Taxi Booking System which allows people to book a cab as they need it. Moreover, you can offer Uber-like Taxi Rental Services, Moto ride, Uber-like Moto rentals. Simtechnos is a well known IT Solutions android app development agencies globally.

The highlights include:

∙ Restricted traveller limit – Confining driver’s extortion

∙ Safety appraisals and audits

∙ Ride scratch-off

∙ Book ride for another person

∙ Shop/stop/eat while riding

∙ In-application visit support

Furthermore adding Covid19 Safety: Face Mask confirmation, Safety Checklists, Safety appraisals, and audits.

On-request Delivery Services

This fragment presents on-request conveyance from the stores and cafés close by. This includes Food, Groceries, Medicines, Faware store-based deliveries, clients can order fast. This incorporates food, food, meds, water-bottle, wine, vehicle washing, and so forth

The component will include:

∙ Store insightful commission

∙ Daywise separate time allotments

∙ Item name looking to rapidly add to the truck

∙ Voice guidance for the conveyance drivers

∙ Restaurants to transfer photos of the kitchen

∙ Order scratch-off choice for conveyance drivers

Furthermore, the application comes with powerful features like
Multi Language
In-App Chat
Different Payment Methods
Many cab options that quickly increase your business.

Different Services

This section offers a wide range of services by Providers. Doctors, Pet walkers, Insurance , Pest control, Sanitization, Tutors, Real Estate Agents, Locksmith, Tow Services, Lawyers, Event coordinators, Baby Sitters, House cleaning , Electricians, Plumbers, and more.

The elements will include:

∙ Live-following

∙ Online instalments

∙ Feedback and evaluations

∙ OTP confirmation

∙ Graphical symbol status of the orders

Why Choose Us For Developing White Label GoJek Like App?

You will find many companies offering Gojek App Clone Solution. Point is how can you trust which one is right for you?

We aim at delivering right and promised solution as per our demo every time to our clients. We have been delivering to end number of customers the full functional Gojek App Clone.

You can always ask us the clients we have served and check our full demo to understand and believe. We always deliver, to us commitment is everything.

We have skilled team of developers and coders to achieve the same and always deliver the right.

We have a track record of delivering solutions, always before the timeline we confirm to you. We love to see you surprised with faster delivery.

Simtechnos is always appreciated by clients across the globe for its timely work. We ensure that you get what you asked and paid for.

Our solution is completely White-Labelled and we do the complete rebranding and deployment.

You can always let us know if you need any customisations you might need and we will be happy to help you out. Might incur extra costs.

The On-Demand Multi-administration App can change your business completely. Rather than having one service offering app its wise to have an app which offers many services. Our GoJek Like App is the way to get ahead of the competition by offering more.

The cutting edge world depends on cell phones only. Each time somebody needs something, they get to cell phones and get to searching for what they need. With the passage of the GoJek Like App on the lookout, this model has spread over any sort of administration too.

The GoJek Like App is a powerful on-demand app that empowers clients to get on the web and find services. Be it for Taxi, Delivery, Orders or Handymen. The app launched in Indonesia as Gojek and provided ride and delivery services on bikes. Later they started adding up more services to the platform to make more offerings to clients.

After the success of the GOJEK in Indonesia, people and business understood the idea. Offering Many services in One App makes it more attractive for customers. Even providers find it more profitable to offer services on such platform.


A readymade GoJek Like App is white-labeled solution made to match your branding. The complete process of compiling and deploying is then done. Since the App is turnkey it doesn’t take long to be deployed.

White-Labelled means that the solution codes are ready. By changing the colours, logo, app icons and names its almost done. Its then tested and deployed.

The course of white-labelling isn’t restricted to superficial changes alone. If the customer requires any custom development or customisation then thats done. This might incur extra cost.

This part comes with implementing right language and currency as per the region. Its important to have the right detailing in all the aspects of acceptance by customers.

Afterwards the apps get sent to stores for approval for both android and ios. You will be surprised to know that getting apps approved from store is no easy task. Both platform stores have tedious conditions and criteria to meet to get approval. For this it is really important the deployment means knows the whole process in and out. It is really important to have apps published to get to people in right market.


There are many freelancers and companies offering similar solution, but the codes fail. The coders and the developers were not thinking of future and scalibility. Some companies made it work but not really like the true functional copy of the original GoJek.

Most of them will ask for extra money to provide you with the source codes of the solution you bought. The source code of an application is basically the no-frills of the application. It shapes the structure squares of the application and its usefulness. Without the source code, you can’t roll out any improvements in the application.

The time when you look for a solution you consider market opportunities of the moment. Yet, the market and its conduct are consistently liquid. What is hit and effective now may be old information in a couple of months or a long time.

You should refresh the application and add more highlights or change it to a smidgen. That is the place where the source code of the application will come into the image. You should ensure that you have the source codes to have the option to roll out these improvements.

The source code of the application will allow you to go into the code grid and change it in the manner in which you like it. This is the reason; you should avoid such companies that wish to demand extra amount for the source code. Source Code is your right when you buy the solution.

Once you buy the solution, we will ask for certain details to rebrand and deploy. Then we will put the web, compile the apps and publish on respected Stores.

GoJek Like App Power of All in 1

GoJek Like App Power of All in 1
GoJek Like App Power of All in 1


The GoJek Like App is an advanced solution that lets you earn money by offering various services in one app. In comparison to other on-demand applications offering one service, this is all in one. You do it all in one web and one app.

The most awesome aspect of this application is that it is designed in such a way, that the admin doesn’t have to do it all. The Web & Apps does most of things by itself. Each time someone use the GoJek Like App to book any sort of service, you get your share of commission.

The GoJek Like App likewise guarantees that you choose how much commission you make. The application admin can go to the backend and alter the level of the commission only for any sort of service. This means you can set different commissions for different kind of services.

Gojek Like app is a powerful and functional app if you really want to start a complete on-demand business. It aims at delivering services in realtime to one and all. GoJek Like App from a dependable white name on-request portable application improvement organization.

Check GoJek Like App in Action

GoJek like App is a great all in one solution compared to having different solutions like –

Uber Taxi – Uber Clone / Ola Clone / Grab Clone
Food Delivery – UberEats Clone
Grocery Delivery – BigBasket Clone
Uber Courier – Uber Delivery Clone
Food Delivery + Grocery Delivery – Swiggy Clone
Home Services – Urban Company Clone / Uber for X
Delivery Services – Postmates Clone / Glovo Clone
Parcel Delivery – Dunzo Clone

Gojek is all in one solution to all services in one place without any hassles. The idea is to ensure that one or another services keeps running in any case. So, the business server gets dry and the revenue keeps coming in.

With Simtechnos its hassle free development and deployment process. You get Complete Codes, Rebranding & Deployment done with Ease. You can launch the solution as Gojek Clone India, Gojek Clone for any country.

This Solution gives you the advantage over any other solution. You have the liberty to launch in one or many cities and countries. Giving you the control which services to offer where and with custom pricing. This makes the solution more flexible and robust. Along with the multi-language option to serve different regions without any trouble.

Gojek Clone is one of the most complete solution that you can buy for now. Its recession Proof and since it offers so many services under one roof it will keep going.

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