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Dunzo App Clone Dunzo Like App
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Стартирайте услугата, подобна на приложението Dunzo, след 3 дни

Start earning right from your first order with our featured Dunzo app clone. Kick start the most in demand online food delivery business. With the right app designed absolutely to get high profit. Fulfilling the food cravings of customers.

Are you looking for a ready to go white-label app solution. To become a reputed food delivery partner in the industry? Do you want to improve your food order delivery venture.

By making it compatible to the innovative market trend. A superior app created as per the recent technological advancements in no time?

Buy our Dunzo App Clone developed with an efficient and latest Dunzo Script & Apps. Our refined Dunzo like app for food delivery will help you hold your business at your fingertips. It can be 100% customized as per needs. You can also make your customers order food right away with a dynamic app as well. 

Приложение Dunzo като бизнес

Преди десетилетие а хранителен бизнес was a great opportunity. Where customers like to visit the restaurant and enjoy their services. As time progresses and the situation like the Covid-19 pandemic is worse. They actually like to avail the option of online food ordering.

Thus considering the customers’ preferences is more important to improve the business. For these reasons, online food delivery has become important. One of the fastest-growing businesses in recent times.

Нетната стойност на онлайн пазара на храни през 2020 г. е $543 милиарда. Установено е, че нетната му стойност през 2016 г. е $322 милиарда. Очевидно е, че е отбелязал огромен растеж с годишен темп на растеж от 14,6%.

Очаква се тази индустрия да се увеличи до добавянето на $200 милиарда до 2025 г. Почти повече от 60% от американците предпочитат да поръчват поне веднъж седмично.

Dunzo – популярно индийско приложение за доставка при поискване

Food ordering delivery apps allows food lovers to order the favourite food from anywhere. Be it local restaurants or street food. They are more comfortable in getting their order delivered right at their doorsteps. Some popular food delivery apps in the market are
Swiggy, and so on.
Among these, let us see more about the Glovo clone app in this blog.

Дунзо is a popular Indian on-demand delivery app that was launched in 2015. It was rooted in 26 countries and over 10 cities with 20000 partners and 50000 drivers for delivering orders by bicycle & motorcycle. Using the Dunzo Like Clone, people from India and cities order anyhting.

You can order:
meat fish 
fruits vegetables
meat pet supplies and other goods.

It has raised its fund to $513 million from more than 28 investors. In a short span, it has gained much popularity and succeeded in this business. Thus, many entrepreneurs and startups are considering opting for an app like Dunzo. Delivery startup dunzo referred as 2020 dunzo even for medicine deliveries.

Dunzo App Clone Dunzo Like App
Dunzo App Clone Dunzo Like App

Защо да изберете The Dunzo App Clone?

The convenience of ordering food right away. Using an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo makes the customers prefer this more often. As mentioned earlier, the delivery industry has grown exponentially. By bridging the gap between the online and offline world.

Thus, to grow your business in the online world, it will be better to invest in the Dunzo Similar App Clone. There are several benefits to leverage while crafting an app. A few of the benefits are listed below.

  • Намалете оперативните разходи
  • Увеличете ангажираността на клиентите
  • Подобрена онлайн видимост
  • Изградете лоялност на клиентите
  • Увеличете разпознаваемостта на марката
  • Лесно да се отговори на търсенето на клиента

Dunzo Like app & script is a super dynamic solution. It comes with full-fledged admin dashboard just like dunzo dashboard. User login system like dunzo login. You get apps for the user as well as the delivery app just like the dunzo delivery app.

kabeer biswas, Mukund Jha and dalvir Suri started it up.

Dunzo Like App Clone in Action

Какво е приложението Dunzo?

It’s simply a deliver all system to help you get stuff picked up and delivered. From custom places or merchants without any hassle.

Нашите Приложение Dunzo Clone will help you launch the similar solution. Where you can match the pricing of your services like dunzo pricing. And keep the cost minimal as compared to dunzo cost.

Sdeliverall is the perfect alternative to dunzo which offers all. As in dunzo merchant dashboard login or dunzo restaurant partner registration. And you can create help articles in the admin panel like how to register a restaurant in dunzo alike app clone.

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Идеята е, че вие ясно знаете, че купувате какво и какво ще получите, така че бъдете сигурни, преди да решите, и проверете нашата демонстрация.

В Dunzo Clone is a carefully created clone of the Dunzo delivery app. It enables smooth, quick, and easy delivery operations for all kinds of shops and services. It is an on-demand delivery service app that comes with the latest features in the market. Attractive design, complete customization capabilities, and more.

If you’re a business owner looking for the best way to take your business to the next level. Trying to make money by delivering stuff. Searching for a workale business opportunity. the Dunzo Clone от Simtechnos е идеалното решение за вас!

As everyone knows by now, the COVID pandemic was an unknown n threat. That has wreaked havoc on many industries around the world. The service industry especially has been affected greatly by this situation. On-demand delivery apps like Dunzo have been a saving grace.

Not only customers but business owners as well. With people not going out due to the virus, choosing to stay indoors.

Many stores and businesses are left without any customers. With our Дънзо клонинг, you can continue providing customers with the items they need. Straight to the comfort of their homes! It is the perfect solution as we traverse through this post COVID world.

Как можете да спечелите приходи чрез скрипт на приложение като Dunzo Clone Script?

Seasoned with a plethora of revenue opportunities. It is a wise decision to develop something like the Dunzo Service app. The revenue models of the Dunzo clone app are:

  • Такса за доставка – Директно таксуване от клиентите за доставката на поръчката.
  • Listing Fee – For getting listed or registering on the platform. Charging a pre-decided listing fee or special fee from stores and vendors.
  • Promotions & Marketing – Charging marketing or promotion fees from those vendors. Who want to expand their reach as well as sales.
  • Специални програми за членство – Добавяне на платени планове за членство и програми за лоялност за клиенти.

With our solution, it’s very easy for anyone to shop for grocery fruits as well as vegetables from local stores. Anywhere across the city and get them delivered from the online delivery app. Easily order food online or get packages within your city delivered to your doorstep.

Getting stuff delivered to doorstep instantly with our dunzo like app. The Power of delivery startup dunzo. It is more like dunzo partnered, bike taxi, grocery shopping.

You can also avail services like dunzo daily to shop for groceries else order grocery online. Even send packages anywhere, if same day within city we’ll deliver. Order fruits vegetables from local grocery to fruits vegetables. Food or packages home delivery instantly.

We help people by giving them right solution in right time. We among other ecommerce app development companies understand your needs and concerns.

Today most tasks are being done by AI and ML without any human input. People are getting more inclined towards on-demand apps like Dunzo. Through these apps, they can get everything delivered within hours at their doorsteps.

Dunzo must have inspired you too and if you are planning to develop an app just like the Дунзо клонинг, тогава Браво! Взели сте правилното решение.

Currently dunzo is operating in gurgaon, pune, mumbai, chennai. with its pick up drop services and even at place they offer 50 off on groceries, the power to order from anywhere. One of the Best Delivery Startup.

It is a very powerful solution to launch and make money. The solution comes with web, android apps and iOS apps. Its easy to control, manage and modified from time to time.

You get complete source codes for Dunzo. We do the complete deployment of the solution for you. Source codes are important for later improvements and additions.

The solution can grow as its developed with the idea of growing customer needs from time to time. We have not left any loose ends to prevent you from any troubles in future. The idea is simple, delivery without any troubles and we have kept it well.

It can serve the following purposes:
Доставка на храна
Доставка на хранителни стоки
Доставка на електронна търговия
Куриерски услуги
Pick & Drop Services

You can decide to use it for one, two or all services at a time. We made it possible for you to control from backend.

Продължавайте да четете за най-новите новини.

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