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The biggest multi-service providing app is knocking at your door! It is now your turn to be proud appreneurs with the GoJek clone which features taxi rides, delivery services and a host of over 52 other services including on-demand tutors, dog walkers, plumbers etc. all packed in one.

This app like Gojek opens the window to instantly access service providers offering more than 52 different kinds of services. Take a look at everything that you can empower your customers with just with the help of this single unique multi-service provider app!



Since this app caters to a whole range of different kinds of service providers, it is imperative that it has to be easy to understand and be absolutely uncomplicated for usage by any kind of service provider. The interface of this app has been specifically designed to ensure that it can be used by the customer as well as the service provider.

The user must log in and register on the app by creating a simple profile by entering their basic details like name, address etc. the user must also fill in the credit card details for seamless payment transactions at the end of the services received. Likewise, the service provider must also create a profile by adding their basic details and service offered. Once that is done, they must mark themselves available on the app.

  • A. Ride
  • B. Delivery
  • C. Other Services
  • The user can make their selection based on their requirement. If a ride is booked, it is booked normally as a taxi. For any delivery points of pickup and drop are mentioned along with the size of the item and the booking is made. For any service provider pertaining category is selected and a booking is made.
  • When the services have been rendered and received, the payment is automatically deducted from the card which is selected in the beginning by the user. The user gets payment options such as Cash, credit card or in-app wallet.
  • This is a simple, effective and efficient Gojek clone application, specifically designed to help you make a lot of money without putting in any effort! The time is right and the chance is NOW!

GetGoJek - GoJek Clone

Best Taxi Booking Solution with multiple other on-demand services just like Go-Jek or GoJek Clone
GetGoJek - GoJek Clone

Easy to Implement

It is even easier to bring your vision to reality now. Customize the app with a minimal fee and have the app look exactly how you want it to!

Feature Rich

It's packed with world class features and ready to get you started in no time. All you need is hosting and image assets.

Partner Infographics

Partner App and web panel gives the full insight of trips or services taken, payments received and daily targets to be fulfilled for the bonus.

Multiple On-Demand Services

GoJek Clone is the best way to enlist multiple on-demand services on one single app and get people to request and partners to provide.

Wallet & Chat

GoJek Clone solution comes with in-App Wallet for easy payments and chats between user and provider to enable easiest communication.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Get GoJek Clone Fast and Easy with our improvised delivery mechanism with your branding. In a max time of 7 days.

Check the demo

To ensure it fits your needs and then let us know if you need any modification. We will then confirm you.

Purchase & Details

Make the payment and provide us with your branding details with assets so we can get started and get it done as you need it.

Testing & Delivery

We will deliver the solution, you can test and give us feedback. If any adjustments needed we can do and do final delivery

  • Modern front page design
  • Login & Register facility for Rider and Driver
  • Social Login Integrations
  • Help Panel
  • Get Apps link
  • Contact Details
  • Chat with support option
  • Fare Calculator
  • Multiple Service Types
  • 5 Point selection of Service charges
  • Manual Dispatcher Panel
  • Account Managers
  • Fleet Company
  • Rider & Driver Management, Approval and Verification
  • Surge Pricing
  • Translations
  • Payment Configuration
  • Register & Login
  • Social Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Wallet
  • Trip History
  • Profile Management
  • Fare Estimates
  • Select Service Type
  • Help & Support
  • Ride Now & Later
  • Register & Login
  • Social Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Upload Documents
  • Trips Details
  • User Booking Notification
  • Chat with user
  • Earning Reports

Check the Demo Frontend

Feel free to test out our demo

Admin panel

Demo on TeamViewer

Client Panel

[email protected]/123456

Partner panel


Client App

Android App

Partner App

Android App

What do you get?

With this Solution you will get the following:

  • Website Installation
  • Admin & Api Configuration
  • 2 Android Apps for Rider & Driver
  • 2 Ios Apps for Rider & Driver
  • Full Source Code
  • 3 months bug support


What we do?

For this solution we will do the following:

  • Website, Admin & Api Conguration
  • Update logo and modify payment configurations
  • Compile Android Apps & IOS Apps
  • Modify App names, icons and branding
  • Firebase and Facebook Integrations
  • Publish the apps in respective app stores.



Payment gateways are an integral part of every On Demand applciation. You want to ensure that your clients can have as may payment options as possible. Don't worry! We've got it covered! We specialise in the following payment gateways to make every payment as seamless as it could be!



OMISE.CO PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Thailand | Singapore

PAYMAYA PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Philippines

PAYGATEAvailable in Countries:
Ghana | Nigeria | Kenya | Mauritius | Uganda | Zambia | Rwanda | Namibia | Mozambique

ADYEN PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Europe | USA | Brazil | Hongkong | Singapore | Australia | New Zealand | Malaysia

PAYFORTAvailable in Countries:
UAE (Dubai) | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Al-Doha | Egypt | Lebanon | Jordan

PAYSTACKAvailable in Nigeria

XENDIT Available in Indonesia

PAYBOXAvailable in Kazakhstan

IYZICOAvailable in Turkey

OPENPAYAvailable in Mexico

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