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Whatsapp Clone SonaChatX Script & Apps

Whatsapp Clone Solution Advantages

Whatsapp has a phenomenal impact on the growth of the communication industry. It forms an unavoidable part in our daily routine, replacing SMS and emerging as a key tool in the day-to-day communication of mass ...

Ubereats Clone / Swiggy Clone Food Delivery Clone Script & Apps
Success Stories

Food On Demand: Business Models of Meal Delivery Startups

Food startups in the on demand economy have a simple psychological appeal – they promise to buy us time and save us effort. They more than deliver convenience as a simple service attribute, they deliver conveni...

Netflix Clone SonaFlixZ Script & Apps
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How to Start your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

Launching an OTT platform isn’t a question of why anymore, it’s a question of how to do it correctly. In this article I’ve explained the steps on how to build an OTT platform with emerging technologies.In 2015,...

Airbnb Clone SonaBNB Script & Apps
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How to get an app like Airbnb? (Airbnb Clone)

What do we look for while travelling to a new place? We look forward to a new thrilling experience but at the most economical rate. Imagine that you can find all of it on one platform, A Home away from Home, is...

Instacart Clone GoGrocery Script & Apps
Success Stories

How to set up an on-demand grocery market?

How to set up an on-demand grocery market? On-Demand grocery, while the internet is a great starting point, understanding ground reality carries a lot more weightage when you’re entering the on-demand sphere, ...

Go-jek Clone Script & Apps
Success Stories

Why Go-Jek / GoJek Clone is Future of On-Demand Apps

GoJek clone app is an all-inclusive platform that hosts a wide range of on-demand services such as taxi rides, delivery services, and others. In the era of rising on-demand services, it has become inevitable to...

Uber for X Script & Apps 
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Why Uber for X, Concept & Opportunities

Why Uber for X, Concept & Opportunities Uber for X is the new thing and is the most demanded solution ever in the history of IT Solutions for SAAS. The lives of the millennial generation are far different ...