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Glovo Clone App
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App Glovo Clone – N. 1 per dominare il settore delle consegne.

Glovo Clone App – Passing down from months to months, the way to provide on-demand delivery services has been modernized. Yes, it is no surprise that such apps are reshaping the world and offers instant access to customers with ease.

Nowadays, convenient food ordering is not a luxury, it becomes a necessity for the food business as it is the only way to sustain this heavily competitive industry. 

Diamo un'occhiata all'ambito del business online di cibo, generi alimentari e consegne

Dieci anni fa, un'attività alimentare era un'ottima piattaforma in cui ai clienti piaceva visitare il ristorante e godersi i loro servizi. Con il passare del tempo e la situazione come la pandemia di Covid-19, a loro piace effettivamente avvalersi dell'opzione di ordinazione di cibo online. 

Pertanto, considerare le preferenze dei clienti è più importante per migliorare il business. Per questi motivi, la consegna di cibo online è diventata una delle attività in più rapida crescita negli ultimi tempi. 

Il valore netto del mercato alimentare online nel 2020 è di $543 miliardi. È stato scoperto che il suo valore netto nel 2016 è di $322 miliardi. È evidente che ha registrato una crescita massiccia con un tasso di crescita annuale di 14.6%. 

Si prevede che questo settore aumenterà fino all'aggiunta di $200 miliardi entro il 2025. Quasi più di 60% di americani preferiscono ordinare almeno una volta alla settimana.  

Glovo – Una popolare app di consegna su richiesta spagnola

Le app di ordinazione e consegna di cibo consentono agli amanti del cibo di ordinare facilmente il loro cibo preferito dai ristoranti locali. Sono più comodi e convenienti nel ricevere il loro ordine subito a portata di mano. Alcune popolari app per la consegna di cibo sul mercato sono Glovo, UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, Zomato, Swiggy, and so on. Among these, let us see more about Glovo clone app in this blog.

Glovo is a popular Spanish on-demand delivery app that was launched in 2015 by Oscar Pierre in Barcelona. It was rooted in 26 countries and over 288 cities with 20000 partners and 50000 drivers for delivering orders by bicycle & motorcycle. Using the Glovo clone app, people from Spain, Italy, and Portugal order everything like food, flowers, groceries, medicine, and other goods.

It has raised its fund to $513 million from more than 28 investors. In a short span, it has gained immense popularity and succeeded in this business. Thus, many entrepreneurs and startups are considering opting for an app like Glovo. 

Perché scegliere l'app Glovo Clone?

The convenience of ordering food right away using an on-demand delivery app like Glovo makes the customers prefer this more often. As mentioned earlier, the delivery industry has grown exponentially by bridging a gap between the online and offline world. Thus, to grow your business in the online world, it will be better to invest in the Glovo clone app. There are several benefits to leverage while crafting an app. A few of the benefits are listed below.

  • Ridurre i costi operativi
  • Aumenta il coinvolgimento dei clienti
  • Visibilità online migliorata
  • Fidelizzare i clienti
  • Aumentare il riconoscimento del marchio
  • Facile soddisfare la domanda del cliente 
glovo clone app
glovo clone app

Key Features To Be Included In The Glovo App Clone

In general, on-demand delivery apps consist of three modules/panels, namely Customer’s app, Partner’s app, and Delivery app. These three are important for Glovo like app to work efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the key features to be included in these three modules. 

Order anything

Users have various options to choose from the available stores and restaurants. Then, order anything they want within a few taps. Once they place an order, a nearby delivery person will deliver the order to them within a stipulated time. 

Choose location

The users have to specify their current address for delivering the ordered items. They have to ensure the entered location before making a payment transaction via the app. 


This feature will allow the users to register with the app using an email ID and phone number. Or else, they can sign up using a popular social media account like Facebook. This feature in the partner app will facilitate the restaurants/stores to complete the onboarding process on the counter side.

Order tracking

This feature in the partner app will allow the restaurants to check the current status of the order. Additionally, this feature in the customer app will let the customers track the order status. 

In-app chat

The delivery person can communicate with the customers using this feature. Also, the restaurant/store owner can connect with the delivery person.   


The app allows the users to share their experiences by giving a rating to the service. Through rating and reviews, they can express whether they liked the service or not. 

Real-time updates

The app sends a message to the customers about order updates via push notifications. Also, the delivery person will get updates about the delivery. You can keep your app users more engaged by sending deals and offers. 

The complete workflow of the Glovo clone app:

1. Customers sign in to the app by using their login credentials

2. Search and place their orders from the desired restaurant

3. The restaurant receives the order request from the customers and has the option to accept/decline the request

4. Once accepted, then the app will automatically assign the order request to the nearby delivery partner

5. Delivery partner also has the option to accept/ decline the request

6. After accepting, then the delivery partner will be able to receive the order from the restaurant

7. Delivery partner receive the location of the customer and reach their location with the help of Google map navigation

8. Customer can track their order until it gets delivered to their location

9. The delivery is done by the delivery partner

10. customers can rate both restaurants and delivery partners based on food quality and order experience

11. The delivery partner can also rate the customers based on their delivery experience.

Aspects To Consider While Developing An On-Demand Delivery App Like Glovo

We have seen all the necessary features to add to the Glovo like app. Now, let’s talk about the important aspects to consider during the Glovo clone app development process.

Proper research

Before you plunge into this industry, you have to conduct proper research about the industry as you will get a clear outline about it. Apart from this, research your target audience and competitors. These are the necessary things to consider when you set foot in the competitive industry. Make a note of the features you need to add to your app and come up with new features that are appealing to your target audiences. Most importantly, you should have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

Choose an appropriate business model

You have to select an appropriate business model like whether you are going to start a restaurant or act as an aggregator. Decide on whether you are having your own delivery channel or collaborate with delivery partners. These decisions help to plan your budget accordingly for investing in the app development process.

Select a suitable revenue model

Apart from choosing a business model, you have to concentrate on choosing the right revenue model for your business. In the case of Glovo, they collect up to 70-75% of the amount from their partners as a commission fee. You can set a particular percentage of the commission fee to charge your partners.

Despite this, you can collect a delivery fee from the customers. As there are various revenue models, you can choose the right model for your business. 

Decide on the functionality and features of your on-demand delivery app

It is necessary to finalise the app’s functionality and concentrate on feature-set integration. There are few features that are essential for the on-demand delivery app. Also, you can consider integrating new features to attract more customers. Make sure you cater for a few of the features that your competitors do not offer.

Connect with a mobile app development company

It is advised to approach a well-experienced app development company. Prototyping is the initial stage as the company build a prototype once they understand your business idea and the features you need to integrate. It is the initial application screen design.

Upon approving the prototype, they move with a UI/UX design. Ensure your app’s UI/UX design is appealing and simple. The next step is to develop the app as it takes a considerable time. Once the app passes the quality testing, it is ready for launch. 

What Is The Cost To Develop The Glovo Clone App?

It is essential to know the cost of developing the Glovo clone before you set foot into the on-demand delivery business. As the cost is a variable element, it depends on various factors. The level of app complexity and feature-set integration are the two primary factors that influence the app development cost.

Other factors include UI/UX design, development team, location, and time frame. Typically, the cost varies depending on the individual business requirements. To get an exact pricing detail for developing the Glovo app clone, reach out to us.

Final note

Sooner or later, the whole world is going to witness a change by shifting from traditional business to virtual existence. Yes, this can be possible with the on-demand delivery apps. There is no need to step out of the home to purchase the essentials for day-to-day lives. When you aim to develop an on-demand delivery app, you can go for a customizable ready-made Glovo clone script app solution that facilitates you to launch your app instantly

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