Powerful GoJek Clone

Get a perfect start on launching an incredible on-demand multi-service application! With our Gojek clone, We provide services such as delivery, transportation, house maintenance, grooming services, and more packaged in one feature-rich magnificent application. Broadly put, we offer more than 60 services in our Gojek clone app.

Gojek Clone – App Development

A Gojek clone app is a ready-made solution which helps you to offer multiple on-demand services from a single application. It can cater to a number of services such as on-demand transportation, delivery and household maintenance services. The app comes preloaded with essential features that can be customized and scaled according to business requirements.

We are now developing an app like GoJek for entrepreneurs across the world. The GoJek clone app is an amalgam of a variety of on-demand services onto a single platform. SimTechnos’s white-label solutions are highly customizable and integrated with a myriad of features to choose from. Our ready-made solutions help your startup to innovate and grow faster than your counterparts.

Multi-services App 
The need of the hour during the COVID-19 pandemic

Several nations worldwide have lifted the COVID-19 lockdown while imposing some restrictions. People can now go out to do their day-to-day work while practicing social distancing and suggested safety protocols. Researchers propose that people should adapt to coexist with the COVID-19 without contracting it.

In the frightening moment, government officials strive to create a stable environment where people can carry on with their daily lives without contracting the Coronavirus. Even though the condition clears off at the earliest, life in the post COVID-19 world will not be the same. There will be a need for people to ensure their safety, with significant lifestyle transitions.

Businesses operating in the delivery industry are predicted to have a massive surge in their sales post-pandemic season. They are adapting to offer safer and better delivery services. Several startups are emerging to cash in on this prospering opportunity. Many organizations are collaborating to provide a reliable platform for online delivery and on-demand services.

Offering multiple on-demand services in a single app like Gojek is sure to do well in these current times. Be it during or post COVID-19 season, people will be in constant need of these services. Join this thriving startup ecosystem by leveraging our ready-made Gojek clone solutions. Customize and launch in your niche right away to acquire an extensive user base in no time!

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