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Начни со своей Скрипт клонирования Olx Classifieds services solution on-demand. Enable clients to get connected for buying and selling whenever and wherever they need.

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Olx Clone Script Classifieds – Sonaclassi as the customized classified app. similar app like Olx. These PHP Scripts works smoothly for a large number of masses. Everyone now is looking for readymade Скрипт клонирования Quikr или Similar apps like Olx.

Anyone can sell and buy on these классифицированные скрипты клонирования и классифицированные скрипты PHP. It improves your efficiency and quality-driven approach. This keeps you alive in the market.

Объявления Olx Clone Script

  • Последнее программное обеспечение -Последнее программное обеспечение с новейшими платформами разработки программного обеспечения.
  • Умные Решения- Обеспечить получение высоких доходов
  • Интерфейсные функции- Упрощенные функции размещения рекламы
  • Разнообразные варианты продвижения- Несколько вариантов онлайн-продвижения
  • Настраиваемый- Настроен в соответствии с вашими потребностями


Perfect for Selling Items, be it mobile phones, unused items, used stuff or even real estate. The source code is clean and it enables you to start free classifieds. Unlike google ads which cost a lot. Online classifieds and local classified help in better sales. classified ad can be managed from admin dashboards. Creating perfect online marketplace buyers and sellers. The scope is wide range. Best way to start your own and give a competition to other online classified businesses.
OLX is an online platform that unites millions of people. For buying, selling, sharing and services. OLX was founded in 2006 in Argentina. Today it works in 40 countries. The site is the largest online ad market in many countries, one of which is India with a population of over 1 billion. The success of OLX made Google close its Google Trader ad site.
How come? The OLX success story is really inspiring for those who wonder how to make an OLX type website. Two entrepreneurs, Argentine Alexandro Oxenford, and a Frenchman, Fabrice Grinda. Both engaged in internet business and very successfully making money.
Once they sold their online projects. Fabrice Grinda proposed the creation of an online platform for ads. Oxenford suggested launching it in India. Alexandro convinced Grinda that it was more profitable to start. In the dynamically developing Indian market. Within a few months, OLX became the main classifieds platform in India.


The online classifieds service is a really profitable e-commerce niche.
OLX App Clone Script is a platform for online buying/selling of goods and services. For both individuals and businesses.
OLX users can post their ads. after they register with a mobile phone, email, or logging in through social networking accounts. In the form of submitting an ad, you must add a description of the offer, photos and your contact information. It is also possible to respond to an already published ad. Contacting the author through an online chat on the site or by phone number.
Businessmen can open their own OLX store (just like in an online marketplace). To do this, they need to create and fill in your company’s business page. This is a personal page with a –
link (sub-domain based on the OLX domain)
contact information
company name
tab with a description of the company and a list of placements.
This is a common functionality in any OLX clone script.
Our solution meets with other business models. Our design and codes are also done to match the market needs. 
In addition to websites, OLX apps have been developed for iOS and Android platforms. The functionality of the application allows users to view their
add ads
upload photos directly from their smartphone
write and reply to messages
call the seller and more.
You can even relate is to quikr app like solution. It is very much capable of selling products you no longer need like car bikes. People can buy second hand items and easily login or signup on the platform using social media.

OLX, unlike other online marketplaces, earns nothing on the transaction itself. Here are the main sources of OLX Clone script monetization (almost every OLX clone uses these methods):

  • The main share of the company’s revenue comes from monetizing through Google AdSense. The portal attracts many visitors to the site and monetizes this need of customers by displaying ads from the Google advertising network.
  • Когда продавец добавляет объявление, оно помещается вверху списка. Но со временем сообщение опускается все ниже и ниже, а количество просмотров соответственно уменьшается. Чтобы товар отображался вверху, продавец может заплатить OLX. Ведь на первой странице просмотров намного больше, чем на второй или даже дальше. И, конечно, вероятность продажи тоже выше.

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Обновление: наше решение теперь совместимо с IOS 14 и Android X

- Веб-сайт + Backend Script
- Источник мобильного приложения - IOS + Android

1. Делаем установку Web + Backend
2. Мы компилируем приложения для iOS + Android.
3. Мы помогаем публиковать приложения в вашем магазине Play и App Store.

Справочник по решениям для приложений Olx like - Кликните сюда вместе с приложениями для iOS и Android, скомпилированными для вас.



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