Uber SimDrive is an awesome online solution for taxi cab booking system, built on PHP with larvae; Framework. Its customer friendly website & mobile apps built for fast, efficient, effective, responsive way to access all the cab facilities on your fingertips. It has all the details, information of the cab, the cab driver and the owner of the cab so the customers feel secure in their travel and they can track the vehicle and driver easily with the help of the software. The customers have their own way of access to the responsive website and apps which are readily and easily available and supported on every device. One of the uniqueness of this type of service is that the customers can pay online instead of paying for travel. The Business can track the vehicle payment details and they will get updated every time once the trip gets over.

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SimDrive V3

Our most popular Uber clone solution to meet every need.
Passenger Username: [email protected] Password: 123456 Driver Username: [email protected] Password: 123456
Admin Credentials Username:[email protected] Password:123456




User Management

Driver Management

Promo Codes

Booking Details

Transfer Services

Taxi Management


Role Management

Paypal Integration

Ride Later

Currency Selection


Cross Platform

Live Tracking

Call Back System

Fare Calculator