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Sona Help is an ultimate directory solution for service providers which has a clean and contemporary design and awesome features. The best thing about this sona help is its excellent, semantic and validated code with a strong searchability and good loading time. It sorts the businesses according to the distance from where the user searches and also mentions the distance in kilometers or miles depending on the settings you want. It is well documented and on top of all, it is backed up by excellent customer support.


It is designed in a way that it could be used as a service provider directory, professional directory, engineers directory, lawyer directory, handyman directory, business services directory, veterinary directory, service provider directory, business and service finder directory, business listing or as a directory for other professionals as it has a lot of features a directory website may need (and many more!). The inner pages are carefully designed to provide all the essential information any directory business would need.


Main Features


Powerful provider account

Service Provider/Service Finder comes with built-in powerful provider account functionality. Users can create an account as a professional, business or end user (customer). Admin has the rights to enable or disable features for each type of accounts.


Articles management for providers

Service Provider comes with built-in article extension. It’s a great feature and is very well received by the clients. Now professionals can create their articles on the site and any visitor can read articles. For example, a doctor can write some articles on some diseases etc.


Jobs Management

Our theme comes with a built-in job module which is a truly amazing feature. Any customer or provider can post a job and anyone can apply. In this way, providers can get hired for a job. For example, if a customer needs a plumber then they can post a job and any plumber can contact the customer for that specific job.


OTP System to prevent fake bookings

Booking/Appointments is another awesome feature in this theme. Customers can book an appointment with a provider. When booking starts then an authentication code will be emailed to the customer and without entering this code customer would not be able to create an appointment. So in this way, fake bookings will be restricted.


Online Appointments

This is a much-needed feature and will enhance the user experience. Providers can create time slots and number of seats for each slot and any customer can book an appointment for specific time/slot.


Google Map Clustering and Spidey

On the Search page, admin can hide or show Google maps to list providers on the map. One of the amazing features is spiderfier. For example, if two users have the same locations then on click on the marker it will expand and show both users on the map.


Reviews system multi ratings

This is an outstanding feature which would enable the users to give a detailed review of service they would receive from professional. Admin can define custom criteria’s in reviews. Each category can have options to enable or disable reviews.


Search by Radius

Our theme supports very powerful search filters. Visitor of the site can define radius for search and the site will pull the results listed within that radius.


Search by distance

There is a search by distance feature in our theme. The visitor to the site can filter the listings according to the distance given so it would enhance the user experience.


Email template settings

Notification by emails is another great feature in this theme. Admin and providers can create their own templates for emails. We are also providing email templates in our theme.


Team Management

Team management is an amazing feature in this theme. Providers can add their team members. For example, a hospital can add their doctors in their profile. If doctors are not registered on site then the hospital can invite them by sending them a request to join the site and become a member of their team.


Multiple Business’s Hours

This is another cool feature. Now any provider can add their business opening hours and can also add multiple times on the same day.


Login and Registration pages

This is a great feature. With the help of this feature, admin can create any page and paste shortcode to display login and registrations pages.


Search Users in Miles or Kilo Miles

This is a very strong feature which would help users of the site to find listings according to the distance from their location or from the place they want to know. By using geolocation, users would just need to click one button and their location would be picked up in the relevant field and then the search would give results according to that location. Admin can select if they want to display distance in miles or kilometers.


Powerful search filters

The strength of any directory website depends on its search capability. This theme comes with very powerful search filters. The best thing is that admin can hide or show some filters from theme settings.


SonaHelp - Get Experts to get things done

Best in Industry solution to get experts for services you need at ease.

Easy to Implement

It is even easier to bring your vision to reality now. Customize the app with a minimal fee and have the app look exactly how you want it to!

Feature Rich

It's packed with world class features and ready to get you started in no time. All you need is hosting and image assets.

Expert Infographics

Experts App and web panel gives the full insight of services taken, payments received and daily targets to be fulfilled for the bonus.

Manual Dispatch

If your business has users who are not internet savvy or not using a smartphone, they can call you and you can manually dispatch.

Surge Pricing

If the demand is highers and providers are less or night time, you can set surge pricing ot auto enable and set the surge percentage.

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Get SimTrans Fast and Easy with our improvised delivery mechanism with your branding. In a max time of 7 days.

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Testing & Delivery

We will deliver the solution, you can test and give us feedback. If any adjustments needed we can do and do final delivery



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Pending Publishing

Technology StackKnow it all

Wondering what's the Tech used and how things work in sync. Let us guide you.

Web & Admin Backend

PHP with Custom Framework using MYSQL

Android Apps

Native Android Java using Android Studio

IOS Apps

Native IOS Swift using XCODE

What do you get?

With this Solution you will get the following:

  • Website Installation
  • Admin & Api Configuration
  • Android Apps fo User & Expert
  • IOS App for User & Expert
  • Full Source Code
  • 3 months bug support


What we do?

For this solution we will do the following:

  • Website, Admin & Api Conguration
  • Update logo and modify payment configurations
  • Compile Android Apps & IOS Apps
  • Modify App names, icons and branding
  • Firebase and Facebook Integrations
  • Publish the apps in respective app stores.



Payment gateways are an integral part of every On Demand applciation. You want to ensure that your clients can have as may payment options as possible. Don't worry! We've got it covered! We specialise in the following payment gateways to make every payment as seamless as it could be!



OMISE.CO PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Thailand | Singapore

PAYMAYA PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Philippines

PAYGATEAvailable in Countries:
Ghana | Nigeria | Kenya | Mauritius | Uganda | Zambia | Rwanda | Namibia | Mozambique

ADYEN PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Europe | USA | Brazil | Hongkong | Singapore | Australia | New Zealand | Malaysia

PAYFORTAvailable in Countries:
UAE (Dubai) | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Al-Doha | Egypt | Lebanon | Jordan

PAYSTACKAvailable in Nigeria

XENDIT Available in Indonesia

PAYBOXAvailable in Kazakhstan

IYZICOAvailable in Turkey

OPENPAYAvailable in Mexico

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