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Go-jek Clone App  – SonaJek – Get started with your own all in one app-based solution to provide multi-fold services for people with ease.

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Mô tả

Go-Jek Clone App & Script solution is designed, crafted, and compiled to work the same as Go-Jek with beyond extra features that presently not provide in an original by far the most comprehensive admin panels to manage all the segments separately with unified control and team management.

Go-Jek Clone App SonaJek

In the Go-Jek Clone App – SonaJek app customers can request a taxi, courier, handymen, laundry, food, grocery, etc., and any nearby service provider received a notification for this service with a count-down. This includes everything be it for the doctor, carpenter, repairs, maids, cleaners, tutors, lawyers, plumbers, technicians, tow services, and a lot more, to be honest, it can go above 100+ services and still no restrictions.

Đọc thêm

Chúng tôi cung cấp:

  • Hoàn thành mã nguồn
  • Triển khai miễn phí Web & Quản trị & API
  • Đổi thương hiệu ứng dụng miễn phí
  • Xuất bản ứng dụng trong tài khoản nhà phát triển

SonaJek Solution Reference – Bấm vào đây cùng với các ứng dụng dành cho Android & IOS được biên soạn cho bạn.

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