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Whatsapp clone therefore like Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging app. The clone of this popular app comes equipped with many features. If you plan to launch an instant messaging app on the lines of Whatsapp, Simtechnos can be your perfect choice above all. The experts at Simtechnos can help in building the cross-platform app that promises to deliver mostly high performance.

We are well equipped to handle various kinds of challenges that may arise during the course of the development of the app. The app can provide numerous benefits ranging from single to group chat option, similarly to WhatsApp in existence. However, at Simtechnos, we believe in innovation. Our creative developers can incorporate unique features in the clone app that can help in making the app a success.

Our development services are reliable and focused on developing the app in the best possible manner.

Connect people and make the world smaller with this multifaceted Whatsapp Clone Script with cross-platform instant messaging and Voice over IP service. Get your next-generation multilingual virtual hangout spot for iOS and Android that allows closed groups, video calls, image/media/location/documents sharing with end-to-end encryption.


Let’s quickly learn about some of the key features of both these apps which we are about to build and run. Both these open-source apps are fully functional real-time messaging, voice and video calling apps, after that its modern time with modern needs. Some of the key features are,

  • One-on-one messaging and Group chat
  • High quality voice and video calling
  • Rich messaging (text, picture, video, audio, other files)
  • Encryption
  • Location sharing
  • Message status and typing indicators
  • Online status (presence) and real-time profile update
  • Push notifications

In conclusion, It won’t take much before you build your own Android and iOS app with all these features yourself.

Whatsapp Clone

Get started with your own instant messaging service like WhatsApp or we chat and get it customized for group voice chats like discord.
Whatsapp Clone

Easy to Implement

It is even easier to bring your vision to reality now. Customize the app with a minimal fee and have the app look exactly how you want it to!

Unlimited File Uploads

Support infinite file uploads on your own server or other file hosts. We are using google for the same.

Audio/Video Calling

Let users switch seamlessly between voice and video calls without disconnecting.

Instant Notifications

Get updates on all incoming messages and updates with Instant Notifications.

Groups & Members

Create as many groups and invite members, or join groups created by others.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Get SimTrans Fast and Easy with our improvised delivery mechanism with your branding. In a max time of 7 days.

Check the demo

To ensure it fits your needs and then let us know if you need any modification. We will then confirm you.

Purchase & Details

Make the payment and provide us with your branding details with assets so we can get started and get it done as you need it.

Testing & Delivery

We will deliver the solution, you can test and give us feedback. If any adjustments needed we can do and do final delivery

  • Voice Call
  • Video Call
  • Voice Messages
  • Group feature
  • Real-time Chat Integration
  • Sent/Delivered Indication
  • Copy/Forward/Delete Messages
  • Status Updating Feature
  • Push Notification on new message
  • Beautiful Material Design
  • Sweet and Clean animations
  • Image Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Contact Sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Emoji Sharing

We own expertise in rendering and stretching services for the development of mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web-Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, Support, and associated services as claimed by our clients.

  • Upload and share any file type of any size and share with your contacts with accompanied message.
  • Extend storage space to accommodate more messages and, attachments.
  • Recall shared media with an ‘unsend’ option which deletes it for everyone.
  • Share files securely with end-to-end encryption.

We own expertise in rendering and stretching services for the development of mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web-Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, Support, and associated services as claimed by our clients.

    • Liven conversations with popularly available emojis with exclusive additions to boot.
    • Access emojis from an emoji keyboard designed for quick deployment.
    • Add emojis from the admin dashboard and surprise users with fresh emojis.
    • All popularly used emojis available with compatibility across devices.

We own expertise in rendering and stretching services for the development of mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web-Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, Support, and associated services as claimed by our clients.

    • Manage all contacts sorted according to choice.
    • Ergonomically designed contact list with separate tabs for teams for easy access.
    • Pull up contacts faster with the quick search function.
    • View online availability of your contacts and also their last active time.

Technology StackKnow it all

Wondering what's the Tech used and how things work in sync. Let us guide you.

Web & Admin Backend

Server Technology Using Google Cloud & Firebase

Android Apps

Native Android Java using Android Studio

IOS Apps

Native IOS Swift using XCODE



Ready & Customizable


Under Testing

WHAT do WE include?

The chat history of the Whatsapp Clone app is saved and synchronized on the history screen. In case users change their profile image, the same is reflected on the screen.

The read status of the messages is updated and the most recent chat is displayed on the top. These tasks are managed by the source code and saved on the drive of the authorized email id provided.

As soon as the user registers on the Whatsapp Clone app, all phone contacts are automatically synchronized and after that are visible on the app.

The contacts added later are visible on the favourites page of the app.The app allows users to share contacts, videos and images from the same chat window.

However, the media content can also be acquired from the chat history.

Audio and video calls can be made from the app via WebRTC feature. This enables users to connect with others.
The system which is developed in Socket.IO uses the prebuilt Node JS software.Whatsapp Clone app integrates with Facebook.

The picture can be imported from Facebook while registering and is uploaded to the server for records.The admin can moderate and control the app.

The total messages exchanged in the platform can be viewed by the admin. Customization may also be done by the admin to suit specific needs.

Build A Whatsapp Like Messaging App With Simtechnos

Since entertainment and social apps such as Dubsmash, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp are getting more popular and widely accepted.

A startup entrepreneur like you who wants to take great advantage of this game-changer phenomenon can become an appreneur by building an app similar to WhatsApp with awesomely crazy and dynamic features.

We can help you turn your dream of becoming a millionaire appreneur into reality.
Simtechnos is a one-stop solution of Instant Messaging App and other WhatsApp clone like apps for your smartphones.

Why Hire Simtechnos Developers To Build Whatsapp clone Like App For Android And Iphone?

At SimTechnos, we have skilful developers who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience and we precisely know that what it takes to make an app like WhatsApp.

SimTechnos is a top-notch web and mobile app development company, have made it more than simple for you to get a ready-made clone of WhatsApp messenger.

Just put forward your idea or requirement and we ensure to build an app application surpassing all the expectations.

How A Clone Of Whatsapp Can Make You Money?

You can earn a good amount of money using the instant messenger application and it is an easy task.
There are so many ways for earning money and it is quite easy to understand as well.

Use link shortening services to let your users shorten the links of different web properties and for every click, you will be getting paid some amount of money.

Affiliate marketing of specific products, specific brands and companies is an excellent way to consider. You can also use PPD networks to pay per download.

Sharing referral links of instant recharge in different contacts and groups is another good way of earning money.

Yes, We Can Also Help You Market Your Application

•Yes, we market an app too.

•We have left no area uncovered when it comes to offering WhatsApp like application. When you hire us to build an app like WhatsApp, we offer an exclusive marketing team to market your app.

•Apart from the ASO stuff such as keywords, optimizing the screenshots and a meaningful App description, our marketing team comprehends the bits and pieces of leading Mobile Ad Platforms such as RevMob, Applovin, Chartboost and how to leverage them to promote it as a social messaging application.